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  Registration Division_Application Form

  Suspension certificate, Course attendance certificate

    Suspension/Drop-out/School Resumption Request Form(new)

  Credit Waiver Application Form 

  Student Information Change Request

  Application for Undergraduate Early Graduation with Outstanding Academic Performance  

  Registration Leave Application 

  Minor Study Application Form

  Undergraduate Minor Study, Double Major Study, Teacher Education Program Change Request Form   

  Extension of Study Application Form

  Award Application for After-school Outstanding Performance

  Chinese Degree Certificate Request Form 

  Double Major Study Application Form

  Prep Graduate Student Application Form  

  Application Form for 5-year Bachelor-Master Integrated Courses

  Scholarship Application for Undergraduate Entrance with Outstanding School Performance 

  Transfer Application Form 

  Application Form for Double Enrollment 

  Document Request and Fee Payment Notice

  Application Form for Change of Grade insemesteryear

  Direct Admission into Ph.D. Program Application Form 

  Recommendation Form for Direct Admission into Ph.D. Program





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