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Academic Policies

  Publication and Academic Development Division_Section Introduction

1. Journal of Science and Technology

  The journal is to publish academic papers and research reports, stimulating the quantity of academic research and production output and at the same time expecting to promote the academic level of the university. The journal currently consists of two independent categories, Technology as well as Humanity and Social Sciences. Its volume of circulation is one volume and three issues per year.

2. Yuntech Newsletter


Yuntech newsletter takes the faculty and the staff of the university as its issue objectives. It is issued as a semimonthly (published on the first and fifth day of each month). Beginning from 2008, the newsletter is replaced by an electronic one and issued as a monthly publication in February, July as well as August and as a semimonthly in the rest months of a year.


3. Academic Publication and Material Printing


The section helps the faculty and staff of the university with the editing, printing and publication of academic writings. It also helps teachers copy the handouts and supplemental materials necessary for class and encourages them to edit and revise the handouts, thus publishing them as textbooks.


4. Brochures of the University’s Current Status


The section publishes brochures about the current status of the university that serve as a reference for both the faculty of the university and visitors. The related information included in the brochures is also announced on the website of the Office of Academic Affairs for inquiry search, thus improving possible communication and exchange.


5. Teacher’s Publications


The section established a teacher’s publication database in 2002 and allows teachers to get access and revise the content of the publication, thus providing an updated information search and statistic data.


6. Academic Conference

  The section helps each department to conduct academic conferences and also publish a collection of theses and papers presented in symposiums or academic activities.
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