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Academic Policies

  Admission Division_Section Introduction

1. Recruitment

(1) In respect of four-year program, the university recruits students graduating from both high schools and vocational schools or schools with the same academic level. The university applies diverse admission channels, which are listed as follows: 

Joint recruitment:

a. Four-year program and two-year junior college joint entrance examination

b. Four-year program and two-year junior college joint admission by recommendation

c. Outstanding high/vocational school student admission by recommendation

d. Four-year program joint entrance examination

e. Athletic excellence admission by recommendation

f. High school students apply for admission by the stars project

g. Recruitment for the disabled

h. International student joint recruitment

Independent recruitment:

a. Transfer examination

(2) In respect of two-year program, the university recruits students with diploma from a junior college or with the same academic level. The diverse admission channels are as follows:

Joint recruitment:

a. Outstanding skill admission by recommendation

Independent recruitment:

a. Two-year program admission by application

(3) Each master's program recruits one new class per year, which includes students graduating from a university or with an equivalent education level.

(4) Each doctoral program recruits one new class per year, which includes students with a master's degree or an equivalent education level.

(5) International students: the university recruits international students every year and provides generous scholarships for foreign students to apply.

(6) Mainland China students: the university recruits students graduating from Mainland China high schools listed by the Ministry of Education for master and doctoral programs.

Joint recruitment:

a. joint admission by application

2. Recruitment Propagation

(1) In response to the diversity of admission channels, the university has been eager to undertake a recruitment propagation to attract students with special talent and potential, expecting that each department would have appropriate and outstanding students enrolled.

(2) The university has enthusiastically taken part in college and graduate education fairs.

(3) The university has put a great emphasis on the recruitment of international students by actively undertaking overseas propagation. 

3. Tuition Adjustment 

(1) Since the academic year 1999, vocational and technological colleges have put tuition flexibility into practice. The idea of school running, the performance evaluation and the education costs of each college have become the guidelines for the tuition charge. With such guidelines and basic norm, each college makes its own tuition standard.

(2) The university undertakes the tuition adjustment each year according to the analytical chart of tuition adjustment provided by the Accounting Section and the related regulations made by the Ministry of Education. 

4. Control of the quantity of departments and programs and the total student number of recruitment

(1) The section convenes review committee meetings, confirming the application cases of the university and the priority order.

(2) The section collects and submits the application cases to the Ministry of Education for a review.

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