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Academic Policies

  Dean's Office_Duty Explanation教務長室 人員編組





Professor and Dean of Academic Affairs

Dr. Lin,  Shang- Ping         




l   Adhering to principal’s orders to handle comprehensive management of academic affairs in our university.

l   Stipulate guidelines for academic affairs and long-term development programs of our office.

l   Preside senate meetings and other related meetings.

l   Perform the planning of school academic activities.



Li, Yu-Li




l   Conduct Ministry of Education’s evaluations and self-evaluation works.

l  Transact the new employment of teachers in our university and external audits for promotions.

l  Responsible for the external audits on the materials of distinguished professors in our school.

l   Audit on the grades of each entrance examination.

l   Convening and execution of senate meetings.

l   Handle each meeting in our office.

l   Compile all the reports of meeting works into archive.

l   Coordinate the works in each department of academic affair office.

l   Ministry of Education’s 2nd period of technical and vocational education renewal.



Yi-Hsuan lin




l   Integrated business of postgraduate programs (including courses outside school, visiting of Ministry of Education, and etc.)

l   Undertake the planning of projects in our office.

l   Undertake information analysis.

l   Responsible for general business of our office. 

l   Manage the purchasing and storage of the properties in our office.

l   Manage related briefings and press conferences. 

l   Ministry of Education’s 2nd period of technical and vocational education renewal – purchasing excellence. 

l   Help to do the grade audits of each entrée examination.

l   Conduct Ministry of Education’s evaluations and self-evaluation works. 


 Maintenance Worker

Kang, Mei-Ying




l   Tidy up the environment.

l   Transfer documents.

l   Help each group with the reception of consumables or temporary purchasing.

l   Responsible for cleaning up the meeting room of our office. 




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